Thursday, 1 December 2016

Ibrahim kpotun idris biography – new Igp – police inspector general

Ibrahim kpotun idris biography – new Igp – police inspector general - Today, a new inspector general of Nigerian police is now appointed. Mr. Ibrahim kpotun idris is a well-respected and a diligent Nigerian police officer.
New IGP - Nigerian Inspector General officer is from Niger state. We will give you information concerning Nigerian police Inspector General. The former inspector General of police mr. Solomon Arase retired on 20th June 2016.

Ibrahim kpotun biography – about new IGP

Due to the recent appointment of the new Igp of Nigerian police, the federal government has given all authority to the newly-appointed Inspector General of police. He is one of the Nigerian police officer that derive so much joy and happiness to solve the problem of the nation. New Igp will now control the entire activities run by the Nigerian police force.
Ibrahim kpotun idris once served as commissioner of police in two different Nigerian States. One of the places he served as a commissioner is kano States.
He stated his work with the Nigerian police many years ago. Ibrahim kpotun idris has been so diligent in his service as an officer of the law. I believe so well that he is the right man to take the mantle of leadership from Mr.Solomon Arase.
Ibrahim kpotun idris will work together with all the Nigerian police force officers to archive a more secured Nigeria.

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New inspector general of police started his duty on 21st June 2016. During the hand over ceremony, the newly retired Igp was so happy for Ibrahim kpotun idris. Both Mr. Solomon Arase, president Mohammed buhari and Mr. Ibrahim kpotun idris smiled with Joy.

Ibrahim kpotun idris states of origin

The new Igp of Nigerian police is a full certified Nigerian. He is from Niger State. He came from of the northern states of Nigeria. He is a Muslim and a well educated Nigerian.
New Igp will is an Hausa born police officer.


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